Event Info

DATES: September 9th and September 16th

RIDE TIMES:  8am to 6pm, East Rim Drive will be closed to all vehicular traffic.  The East Rim can take roughly 4 hours to complete, give or take a hour based on individual experience levels.  Please plan accordingly.

FEE:  FREE Registration (Park Admission Fees still apply)

RIDE PROFILE:  Approximately 25 miles on East Rim with an approximate net elevation gain of 3,500 feet (Only East Rim is vehicle free)

RIDE THE FULL LOOP:  You are also welcome to ride the entire Rim Drive back to your start location for a total of 33 miles and 3,800 total elevation gain.  The additional stretch of riding with traffic does have a significant incline in narrow switchbacks for a small section, but is a great accomplishment for those that complete it.  The vehicle-free portion of this ride is about 25 miles an detailed out on the route map page.

RIDE SUPPORT:  5 rest stops will be the East Rim located at North Junction, Cleetwood Cove, Mt. Scott, Dutton Ridge and Steel Visitor Center/Park HQ.  Each stop is staffed with volunteers by Friends of Crater Lake due to their knowledge of Crater Lake.  You will also find:

  • Shade
  • Snacks
  • Restrooms
  • Bike Pump
  • Friendly People
  • Waste Receptacles
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Basic Bike Repair Tools
  • Encouragement & Support
  • Hydration (bring refillable bottles)

PARKING:  Vehicle Parking will be located at the Steel Visitor Center/Park HQ (larger parking lot) and North Junction

SHUTTLE SERVICE:  FREE Shuttle Service picks up at the Steel Visitor Center/Park HQ and North Junction.  The Shuttle travels both directions and has limited space each trip.  The Shuttle will be operating throughout the ride duration.  The Shuttle Service accommodates up to 50 passengers per trip and DOES NOT transport bikes.  Please use the bike corral to house your bike while you retrieve you vehicle.

BIKE CORRAL:  We offer a free bike corral at the North Junction and Park HQ while you retrieve your vehicle using the FREE Shuttle Service.

RIDE SAFETY:  Please be aware this ride, although not long at approximately 25 miles, has steep inclines and declines.  With roughly 3,500 feet in net elevation gain this ride is for intermediate to advanced riders.  Exercise caution on downhill grades, as speeds of over 40 mph are likely, which can cause injury or death in the event of a crash.  Be alert for less-experienced riders.  Stay well-hydrated, as inclines are steep and long, and you will be riding at elevations above 5,000 feet where the air is thinner.  Apply sunscreen liberally, as skin exposed to UV rays at higher elevations can receive severe sunburn.

CHECK IN: Please check in the morning of the ride at either the North Junction or Park HQ.   

BIKE ASSIST:  While this is a pedestrian friendly event, we realize you may need some assistance from time to time.  We do allow a Class I Pedal Assist  which means the assist is only  activated through a pedaling action and is limited to relatively low speeds.  In order to keep this event vehicle free, we do not allow any bikes to be self-propelled.  Anything above a Class I Pedal Assist is prohibited.

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